DATABD.CO is a one-stop source for business data in Bangladesh. The platform is aimed at facilitating access to industry datasets in meaningful formats for the business community in and out of Bangladesh. Our goal is to serve as the most comprehensive data repository consisting of market, industry, consumer and economic information – all in an effort to help you take more informed business and investment decisions.

DATABD.CO is a fruit of labor of a group of business, technology, design and development specialists at LightCastle Partners. Our love and passion for promoting a data-driven culture across organizations push us constantly to engage with policymakers, industry experts, and end consumers in meaningful discourses to be able to draw and articulate useful insights.

While our journey may have just started with only a select few datasets and industries, going forward, our hope is to create and curate a large database of reliable information, collaborate with external data providers, incorporate advanced analytics and better visualization engines to make this platform your go-to-platform for business data in Bangladesh.

About LightCastle Partners

LightCastle Partners envision a knowledge-driven economy that inspires businesses and changes lives. Our entrepreneurial journey started back in 2013 with a simple vision: to inspire businesses in Bangladesh to advance the economy. Between then and now, we have strived to create impact in 400+ organizations across 40+ industries.

We believe the Bangladesh opportunity is exciting – led by your goals and accomplishments. And to that end, we are here to support and collaborate.

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