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[Infographic] Setting up Business Operations in Bangladesh

Basic documentation requirements for setting up operations in Bangladesh are not complex to prepare but an understanding of country specific requirements would help investors go through a more efficient process. Broadly speaking, there are five steps to setting a business operation in Bangladesh. The first step is to register the company with the Registrar of […]

[Infographic] Latest Startup Funding and Deals in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem has picked up rapidly since 2013 – driven by participation from angels; rise of eco-system enablers like co-working space, community events, local and global incubators; and a growing active interest from government/development partners. However, major deals and growth have started happening since the end of 2017. Foreign investors and startups are attracted […]

[Infographic] Bangladesh by the Numbers

Bangladesh GDP has been a strong indicator of growth due to its consistent upward trajectory in the last decade or so. Although the country reported numbers remain optimistically higher than those predicted by the World Bank, ADB or IMF, the recurrent census among all institutions reassure that Bangladesh performed consistently higher than its regional peers. […]

Business Confidence Index: Agriculture and Pharma [Infographic]

Business Confidence Index Bangladesh Pharma
According to LightCastle Business Confidence Index 2017-18, Agriculture and Pharma industries are high potential economic engines for Bangladesh. Pharma is eyeing the global market while agriculture will experience cross-cutting with technology adoption and mechanization. This infographics shows the perception of industry experts on these two industries.

Bangladesh Banking Sector Stuck in a Quagmire [Infographic]

Bangladesh’s banking sector has been in free-fall due to rising non-performing loans from both state and private banks alike. According to Bangladesh Bank, the total NPL combined from the 8 state-owned, 40 privately owned and 9 foreign banks stood at BDT 803.97 billion as of September 2017. This is in total 10.67% of all outstanding […]
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