Collection of important news, policy update and industry insights in relation to impact on SMEs/businesses in Bangladesh due to Covid-19 situation.

Experts explain how to manage mental wellbeing during COVID-19

Among many global health, economic and societal disruptions, the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak has forced millions to physically isolate. Combine that with extensive news coverage on the pandemic and an unknown future, and it’s no wonder that anxiety is on the rise.

World Economic Forum | Wellbeing

Guideline for disbursement of Tk 5,000cr stimulus package unveiled

The finance ministry has unveiled the guideline for disbursement of the Tk 5,000 crore stimulus package for the export-oriented sectors to tide them over the economic fallout of the global coronavirus pandemic.

The Daily Star | Bangladesh / Policy

Pandemic hits hard all business sectors of Bangladesh

“It’s a disastrous situation. It’s an economic tsunami beyond our control”

The Business Standard | Bangladesh / Business

RMG firms exporting less than 80% will not get stimulus funds

Accessories makers and deemed exporters will miss out on the soft loan to be given at only two percent interest

The Business Standard | Bangladesh / Policy

Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Sector Wading through the Pandemic

Accessories makers and deemed exporters will miss out on the soft loan to be given at only two percent interest

LightCastle Partners | Bangladesh / Industry Impact

Coronavirus: What does ‘furlough’ mean and how will it affect workers worldwide?

Many businesses have responded to this crisis by placing their staff on furlough – that is, unpaid leave – rather than laying them off completely. In both cases, workers are hit by a sudden loss of income; the difference is that furloughed staff remain on their employer’s payroll, ready to start work again once the economy gets back into gear.

World Economic Forum | Global / Business

Coronavirus the worst global crisis since World War II: UN chief

The extraordinary economic and political upheaval spurred by the virus presents a real danger to the relative peace the world has seen over the last few decades, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said

The Business Standard | Global / Situation Update

US massively expanding hospitals as coronavirus death toll surpasses China’s

The United States aims to build hundreds of temporary hospitals to ease pressure on a healthcare system under siege from the coronavirus pandemic, with the US death toll now topping 3,600 to surpass the total in China, where the outbreak began.

The Financial Express | International / Situation Update

Case Update

As of April 1, 2020, 6PM BDT / Source:
Region Confirmed Cases Confirmed Death
Bangladesh 54 (+3)
6 (+1)
World Wide 876,345 43,520
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