Collection of important news, policy update and industry insights in relation to impact on SMEs/businesses in Bangladesh due to Covid-19 situation.

Coronavirus: Are the policy and community responses adequate?

The government and the Bangladesh Bank have come up with several initiatives in response to the evolving public health and economic crisis. How does the overall response package look like, taken together, and how adequate and well defined are the responses?

The Daily Star | Policy

Pandemic to hit growth in Asia, China: World Bank

Prior projections estimated that nearly 35 million people would escape poverty in the region in 2020, including over 25 million in China alone

The Business Standard | Analysis

Prepare for the economic shock after pandemic: PM

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged countrymen to be prepared for the economic shock following coronavirus pandemic as the world is at high risk of recession.

The Business Standard | Policy

The Effect of COVID-19 on Bangladesh’s Apparel Industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the supply chain and demand for the apparel sector. Top exporters like Bangladesh have started feeling the heat due to raw material sourcing challenges and cancelled orders.

LightCastle Partners | Industry Impact

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