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Banking Sector: Turbulence in Disguise

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia-Pacific. The country is aspiring to gain the status of a middle income country very soon and has been making great strides in terms of social, economic and technological transformation. It recorded a commendable GDP growth rate of 7.86% in 2018. All these being said, a […]
Potential for Growth: Transforming Bangladesh’s Insurance Sector

The role of insurance in managing risks in an economy cannot be overstated. At a micro level, insurance safeguards households and companies from a myriad of risks. From a macro perspective, it reduces the financial burden on a government and creates a stable environment in which businesses can thrive and succeed. While Bangladesh has taken […]

  • Published on: July 24, 2019

FinTech – Creating New Opportunities for MFIs in Bangladesh

FinTech has strongly emerged in developed markets FinTech, the emerging sector that uses technology to revamp financial services for both businesses and consumers, can have prodigious impact on economic activities. FinTech encompasses products and services within the categories of lending, personal finance, retail and institutional investments, equity financing, consumer banking and many more. Today’s digital […]

DFS in Bangladesh: Beyond Coffee Shops and Consumer Purchase

Munad, a PayPal engineer and a non-residential Bangladeshi, has come to visit Bangladesh after a long time and is in constant awe of the amount of transformation the country has gone through in the last decade. From technology integration to developed infrastructure, he was hard-pressed to find similarities between the Bangladesh he had lived in […]
Digitizing Merchant Payments in Bangladesh

Since mobile money was introduced in Bangladesh in 2010, there has been a rapid increase in the use of mobile financial services. Today, the mix of a large population without access to financial services, a limited financial infrastructure, and a relatively high penetration rate of mobile phones has ensured that mobile payments have the potential to reshape the way Bangladeshis do business.

  • Published on: April 24, 2019
The State of Digital Microfinance in Bangladesh

The Microfinance industry in Bangladesh is growing amidst renewed competition from the banking sector and new agent banking initiatives. As the industry tackles challenges of high cost of borrowings and expansion of business, digitization of transactions is gradually starting to take precedence. Digitizing transaction has the potential to reduce cost components, increase efficiency and streamline […]

  • Published on: April 23, 2019

Supply Chain Finance: A Consequence of Developing Capital Markets

In 2018, Bangladesh’s market capitalization to GDP ratio dropped down to 17% from 24% in 2014[2]. Rising interest rates, a growing number of non-performing loans, negative risk premiums, record current account deficits, and banking sector turmoil all seem to point in a direction of a financial sector in distress. However, despite all the negativity, there […]
Bangladesh: Agriculture Insurance Situation Analysis

Agriculture is key in Bangladesh but highly exposed to risks. Agriculture is a source of employment and livelihood for nearly 1 in 2 adults in Bangladesh and contributes about 16% to GDP. Contribution to agricultural GDP comes mainly from crop production (63%) but also from fisheries (23%), as well as livestock and poultry (14%). There are about 15 […]

  • Author: Quayyum, Shah Nur; Clarke, Daniel Jonathan; Lo Re, Francesca; Sberro, Rachel; Stutley, Charles;
  • Published on: February 18, 2019
Prospects of Wage Digitization In The Apparel Sector | Bangladesh 2019

As the apparel industry of Bangladesh aims to gain higher export in an increasingly competitive global market, sustainability, quality and digitization have become crucial forms of differentiation and competency. Wage digitization in the apparel sector directly affects the lives of 3.5 million people, who are employed in the industry, living under an income bracket of […]

  • Published on: February 6, 2019

Digital Financial Services – The Next Step

The current generation in Bangladesh is growing up with smart devices and convenience services as a greater number of businesses seek to bring their products and services to the doorsteps of consumers. In finance, however, businesses are using smartphones and other devices to bring financial services as close as to the palm of our hands. […]

Digital Financial Service: Expanding Role of Institutional Players

digital financial services in bangladesh
As of 2018, Bangladesh has a lot to be proud of. We have entered the lower rungs of middle income nation as per World Bank, have maintained a gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate that is second in the region, with a GDP of $250 billion+ it is the 34th largest economy and we have […]
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