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[Infographic] Latest Startup Funding and Deals in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem has picked up rapidly since 2013 – driven by participation from angels; rise of eco-system enablers like co-working space, community events, local and global incubators; and a growing active interest from government/development partners. However, major deals and growth have started happening since the end of 2017. Foreign investors and startups are attracted […]

Skills Gap in the IT Sector: Utilizing the Power of Youth

Economic growth is transforming Bangladesh, building its pathway to becoming a middle-income economy. Bangladesh is a fast growing economy, with a GDP growth of over 7 percent in fiscal year 2018 keeping up an impressive annual average growth rate of more than 6 percent over the last ten years. Bangladesh has multiple factors that favor […]

Can Bangladesh Spur Growth Through IoT?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the next big technological revolution hitting the world connecting everyday items like coffee machines and door locks through sensors and actuators to a computer system through the use of the Internet. And in doing so, people are able to integrate the power of computing into their everyday lives. […]

Democratizing Education through Technology

Historically education transformed from being siloed to unified Education evolved through various phases throughout human civilization. During ancient times, due to the lack of a transferable medium, all the knowledge in the world was stored in peoples’ minds and the only mode of access to that knowledge was through interaction. One of the greatest inventions […]
Bangladesh Beckons – An emerging destination for IT/ITeS outsourcing

In light of the developments in global offshoring and Bangladesh’s rise in IT/ITeS services – A joint team of KPMG India and KPMG Bangladesh undertook the study to explore the IT/ITeS sector in Bangladesh. The whitepaper is the output of in-person interviews with Bangladeshi IT/ITeS industry players, government functionaries, trade associations and global IT services […]

  • Published on: December 11, 2018
Strategy & Road-map of BCC for Strengthening IT/ITES Industry of Bangladesh

Developing strategy for Bangladesh as the global IT/ITES market is the key objective against highly developed and rapidly developing sophisticated and competitive market. This report focuses on the strategy and road map to help the country to focus its resources on the greatest IT/ITES opportunities, align the efforts of the public and private sectors, help the country to be […]

  • Published on: December 11, 2018
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