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The Poultry Promise in Visuals

For years, poultry has been dominating local consumption in Bangladesh. The sector is predicted to experience massive expansion in the coming years, as chicken and egg consumption is ever consistent with the nations’ growing population in tandem with their rising income. The report, “Poultry Sector Study Bangladesh” was created under The Embassy of the Kingdom […]

What’s Next for The Dairy Industry?

dairy industry image
Introduction The dairy sector in Bangladesh has experienced steady growth in the last few decades despite constant challenges. From its humble beginnings as a cottage industry not too long ago, the dairy industry in Bangladesh has evolved with the emergence of multiple home-grown industrial processors. In the context of an economy that is still dependent […]
Poultry Sector Study Bangladesh

Bangladesh is home to around 167 million inhabitants and is one of the fastest-growing economy in Asia-Pacific in recent years. As a result of increasing disposable incomes, consumption of animal-based protein, including poultry meat and eggs, are expected to grow substantially for (at least) the next ten years. To meet the growing domestic demand, substantial […]

  • Published on: February 1, 2021
The Netherlands – Bangladesh ‘Mapping the Ground @ 50 Stitching Partnerships’ Report

Bangladesh and the Netherlands have bolstered their diplomatic and economic ties, since recognition (of Bangladesh by Netherlands) in 1972. The Netherlands has been one of Bangladesh’s key development partners since Independence, and the relationship is strengthening so far to increase the economic engagements between these two maritime nations. This report, conceived by the Bangladesh Embassy […]

  • Published on: January 26, 2021

Top 10 Most Read Stories of 2019

Our stories have been read by thousands, over the past year. It reflects the hope and curiosity of modern business leaders in every sector with the anticipation of a better 2020. Find out the 10 most read in 2019.

Structured Poultry Industry Growing in Size

Food is a source of joy for people around the world, but those limited by their resources have to resort to basic staples. This is especially true in developing countries like Bangladesh, where rice and potatoes act as staples. However, these do not satisfy protein requirements which are essential for nutrition and health. The availability […]

Rawhide Price Shock Caused by Leather Industry Changes

The leather industry was shocked by a steep decline in rawhide prices during Eid-ul-Adha this year. This time of year is when a significant supply of rawhide is generated for the leather tanneries throughout the country, but people were seen throwing away the rawhides from their sacrificed cows due to an inability to get fair […]

The Cow that’s Saving the Beef Industry

Translated in the ‘Festival of Sacrifice’, Eid ul-Adha is a Muslim holiday celebrated throughout the world by commonly sacrificing sheeps, goats, and cows, and donating a third of the meat go to underprivileged and poor. And for a long period of time in Bangladesh, a majority of cows for the sacrifice had come from India. […]

Production of Milk Unable to Meet Local Demand

Milk is a great source of calcium and phosphorous required for healthy growth of bones and teeth, and an essential ingredient in growth and proper functioning of the body. For proper development, the recommended intake to meet a quarter of daily protein requirements is 200-250 ml of milk or 15-20g of milk powder (FAO report) […]
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