Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem has picked up rapidly since 2013 – driven by participation from angels; rise of eco-system enablers like co-working space, community events, local and global incubators; and a growing active interest from government/development partners. However, major deals and growth have started happening since the end of 2017.

Foreign investors and startups are attracted by the consistent GDP growth, demographic bulge, density dividend and technology adaptable young population. Sectors like FinTech are getting a lot of interest from both VCs and Impact Investors. E-commerce is showing progress with steady growth. Transportation and logistics market is getting ready for bigger investments.

While a number of international/local funds have present operations along with incubator/accelerator programs for pipeline development in the economy, Series A funding is yet to properly kick off. Government regulations have started to streamline including investment funds being declared as a pass-through vehicle, allowing Banks/NBFIs to invest in venture funds and special financing for SMEs and Startups declared in the latest budget. However, policy needs to more tech-company friendly including VATs and licensing requirements.

The embedded infographic paints the picture of some of the noteworthy deals that have begun to positively nudge up the startup ecosystem needle in Bangladesh. Browse through the latest deals and investment data at our Deals Section.

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