DATABD.CO is a one-stop source for business data in Bangladesh. The platform is aimed at facilitating access to industry datasets in meaningful formats for the business community in and out of Bangladesh. Our goal is to serve as the most comprehensive data repository consisting of market, industry, consumer and economic information – all in an effort […]

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TERMS OF USE: DATABD.CO is a non-exhaustive business data platform carrying public datasets and analytical write-ups from many different sources including those from official Bangladesh Governments’ websites as well as development organizations. All information contained herein is obtained by LightCastle Partners from sources believed by it to be accurate and reliable. Because of the possibility […]

LightCastle Business Confidence Index 2017-18

LightCastle Business Confidence Index (BCI) in 2017-18 has been found to be +43 on a scale of -100 to 100 – implying a cautiously optimistic sentiment. This score is 4 points higher than that of last year.  The study aims to gauge business sentiments of private sector players representing a variety of industries across the economy. […]

Bangladesh Strategy 2018

  • Published by: EDGE Research & Consulting
  • Author: Ali Imam, CFA; Asif Khan, CFA; Nasrin Akter Proma; Mustavi Khan
  • Published on: January 30, 2018

Business for Sustainability: Imperatives for Inclusive Ventures

There are around 2.7 billion people who live below U$ 2 a day. That’s 2 out of every 5. The total wealth distribution of the world has become extremely skewed. The richest 0.5% control over 35% of the total wealth. US and Europe collectively owns 60%+ of the world’s wealth. The rise of capitalism propelled […]

Emerging Trends Impacting Bangladesh’s Remittance Flow

Global remittance flow has declined for two consecutive years- for the first time since the turn of the millennium. The last time there was a decline- it was during the global financial crisis. The World Bank expects world remittance to rise to a record high of 600 billion dollars in 2018, suggesting that the current […]

One Belt, One Road Initiative: How Bangladesh can benefit through the new horizon of regional co-operation

The recent SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) summit, taking place on 8th and 9th of June, 2017, saw heads of states from Russia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and China but it also solidified the paradigm shift of world power in terms of trade, infrastructure, fuel, energy, transportation, development, and finance. As Bangladesh is becoming a part […]

Bangladesh Budget 2017-18: Implications for Entrepreneurs

The FY2017-18 proposed budget has brought forth steep reactions from different quarters of the economy. Entrepreneurs from different sectors have been either positively or negatively impacted by changing government policies. The proposed budget targets a revenue of BDT 2,87,991 crore against an estimated expenditure of BDT 4,00,266 crore, amounting to a 5% deficit of BDT […]

Labor Force Survey Bangladesh 2015-16: Economic Realignment Imperative for Addressing Unemployment

Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) has published the latest labor survey, “Quarterly Labor Force Survey Bangladesh 2015-16”. The objective of this report was to accumulate data on the labor force of Bangladesh (Aged 15 and above) and the employment trends. BBS has segregated their labor force data in 13 components. These are general population, labor […]

LightCastle Economic Update – February 2017

Bangladesh economy has been experiencing stable growth, fueled by apparel driven export growth, expanding domestic market and stabilizing political conditions. However, looming uncertainties remain with the upcoming national elections scheduled early 2019, and stalled remittance growth from Middle-Eastern economies. Despite achieving commendable economic stability and progress, the economic growth needs to accelerate further through incremental […]

LightCastle Business Confidence Index 2016

Bangladesh’s Business Confidence Index (BCI) has been found to be 39 on a scale of 100 – implying between low and moderate. The goal of the report is to quantify the prevalent business sentiments lending voice to the private sector business community, by coalescing their views in the form of a report. And this index […]

LightCastle Economic Update – April 2016

Bangladesh economy has exhibited impressive growth over the last decade despite myriad challenges. Rising GDP and stagnating population growth have contributed to rising per capita income, exceeding lower income threshold. Growth prospects for 2017-18 is upbeat with ADB, World Bank and Government forecasts predicting GDP growth to hover within the 6-7% range. Recent regional connectivity […]
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