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Top 10 Most Read Stories of 2019

...economy transitioning into a more cashless system, FinTech is an enabler for MFIs to capture rewards of this evolution. 7. Bangladesh: An Unexpected Leader in Green RMG How can Bangladesh...

Developing the Leather Industry in Bangladesh

...dominates exports, i.e., ready-made garments (RMG), accounting for over 80% of the annual export receipts. RMG also accounts for over 45% of gross value added in manufacturing. The overwhelming dependence...
  • Published by: Asian Development Bank (ADB)
  • Author: Soon Chan Hong
  • Published on: November 1, 2018

Bangladesh’s ready-made garments landscape: The challenge of growth

With about $15 billion in exports in 2010, ready-made garments are the country’s most important industrial sector; they represent 13 percent and more than 75 percent of GDP and total...
  • Published by: McKinsey & Company
  • Author: Dr. Achim Borg, Saskia Hedrich & Sebastian Kempf & Dr. Thomas Tochtermann
  • Published on: November 1, 2011
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