Youth Unemployment: Unsalvageable Blow By Covid-19?

As a country amidst a demographic dividend, Bangladesh has to closely monitor the employment opportunities of the youth. The United Nations defines Youth to be the part of the population between the ages 15-24. According to the last census, 19.14% of the Bangladeshi population are the youth while 27.29% of the population are between ages […]

The 2020 Coronavirus Recession: How Comparable is it to the 2008 Financial Crisis?

Twelve years after the 2008 Financial Crisis, the global economy is on the verge of another major economic recession. While the economic effects of the current recession might seem identical to the 2008 Financial Crisis, the stimulants of the two economic catastrophes are widely different. This article tries to delve into a comparison between the […]

Impact Bonds: An Unutilized Way To Mobilize Funds ?

As the pandemic has swept through the country, the need for compassion for a comparatively impoverished country like Bangladesh is starting to prove ever necessary. The affluent portion of the population has not disappointed so far. We have seen organizations like BRAC and Bidyanondo collect donations of crores during this lockdown period. We have also […]

Covid-19 And The Uncertain Future of The Garment Workers Of Bangladesh

The Garments Industry has been considered a lifeline for our economy for a few decades now. However, in recent years, it has not been seeing considerable growth.  We can see that not only has the number of new RMG factories every year has been increasing, it saw a significant drop during the 2013-14 period. This […]

Government Stimulus Packages in COVID-19: Will it be effective for Bangladesh?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced the economic activities of the world to come at a halt. To save the world from a devastating recession, different countries are announcing stimulus packages for various sectors. As of April 15th, the Government of Bangladesh has introduced stimulus packages of a total of BDT 1,000 billion which is 3.3% […]

Pre-Covid Healthcare Sector of Bangladesh: Is It Ready To Deal With The Pandemic?

Be it for developed countries like the United States or for middle income countries like Bangladesh, the Covid-19 pandemic has been showing the glaring deficiencies of the Healthcare Sectors around the world. This article tries to analyze if the Bangladeshi healthcare sector is capable in such trying times.  The Healthcare Sector: Where it Stands Now? […]

Interest Rate Caps: Smartest Way To Stimulate the Economy?

Bangladesh is a growing economy and it is the job of the financial regulators to aid in the growth in any way they can. The economy of Bangladesh is largely dependent on the service sector. But to move into the next stage of the world economy, Bangladesh needs investments in new businesses and industries. To […]

Formalizing the Informal Economy: Key to Solving the Budget Deficit Problem?

The budget deficit has been a worrying issue for the economy of Bangladesh for quite some time now with it reaching an 11-year high in 2019. The government has been looking to decrease this deficit but has seen little improvement in recent years. The biggest source of revenue for the Government of Bangladesh is tax […]

A Nutritious Bangladesh to Ensure a Sustainable Future

Bangladesh, despite claiming that it has achieved self-sufficiency in food grain production, has not, yet, been able to ensure food security for its citizens. This has been reflected in the Global Food Security Index where Bangladesh ranks 83rd among 113 countries. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) defines Food Security as the physical and economical accessibility […]

Fair Trade: A Gateway to Equity

Fair Trade is an institutional arrangement which ensures ethical consumption by ensuring better prices, decent working conditions and a fairer deal for farmers and workers in developing  and under-developed countries. Fair Trade products are usually sourced from developing or under-developed countries and are sold in developed countries. It works by charging a premium for its […]

Smart Urbanization: Is Bangladesh On The Right Track?

Urbanization has been synonymous with the growth of the world economy and the improvement in human lifestyle. It is no surprise that 55% of the world population lives in cities and these cities generate 80% of the world’s GDP. However, while cities have been a powerful tool in the evolution of human civilization, they have […]

Tourism: A possible new driver for the economy of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is set to graduate from the least developed country (LDC) category by 2024. While this might show the evolution of the Bangladesh economy, the graduation may cause an irreversible decline to the garments industry which might lose $2.7 billion in export earnings every year after graduation. Thus, Bangladesh needs to start looking for new […]

Foreign Labour Market: Sustainability Through Skilled Labour

Remittance from foreign labourers is the second highest source of foreign currency earnings for Bangladesh. However, since a major portion of the earnings from the highest source, i.e., RMG, is spent buying raw materials, remittance is the largest source of net foreign earnings. Globally, Bangladesh secured the 9th highest position in remittance earnings for 2018. Remittance […]
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