Overview of the National Budget for the FY 2021-22

National Assembly Building Bangladesh
Bangladesh is embarking on its 50th year of sustaining as a sovereign nation this year. The budget for the Fiscal Year 2021-22 (FY 21-22) has certainly generated significant discourse already. It is important to evaluate the allocation of the Budget to different sectors, such as Health, Agriculture, Tax Structure Reformations, SMEs, and Education. Analysis of this […]

Programming in Primary Education: Addressing the Challenges

ICT Programming for Children
2021 marked the 50 years celebration of Bangladesh’s liberation and in half a century, Bangladesh has made tremendous progress in attaining a high literacy rate across the nation.  In a country of over 18 million primary school students, a 98% universal net enrollment rate has been an incredible feat for the young nation. Bangladesh is […]

Evolution of Development Assistance to Bangladesh: Part 1 (1970-2000)

development story image
Bangladesh has managed to achieve tremendous progress in terms of economic and social development in the past 5 decades, currently enjoying an annual Gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of 5.2%. After the independence war in 1971, many economists and development agencies were skeptical about the nation’s long-term viability, and Bangladesh was famously labeled the […]

Advancing the Role of Women in Society to Ensure Sustainable Women Empowerment

women empowerment image
Despite progress women are still lagging behind Sustainable women empowerment to bridge the gap Sustainable women empowerment necessitates the transformation of subordinate structures, the control of material and intellectual resources, the ability to make decisions, the exercise of authority, and the reduction of gender inequality. Over the past few decades, progress has been made in […]

Vaccine Diplomacy and its Significance in Bangladesh

vaccine-image story
Outbreak of COVID-19 in Bangladesh at a Glance Inception of COVID-19 Epidemic On December 31 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), and the source of the outbreak was linked to a wet market in Wuhan city, China. Shortly cases of the virus have been confirmed in numerous […]

How Dependent is Bangladesh on Development Aid?

In 2021, Bangladesh is not only a country that is home to more than 163 million nationals, with 1,265 people living per square kilometer, but it is also a country with an income per capita of $2,227. It is an economy that promises growth and development and possible graduation from its current Least Developed Country Status by […]

Cash Crops of Bangladesh

image cash crop
Over the last 50 years, as Bangladesh transformed from being an underdeveloped to a developing economy, the country’s dependence on its agricultural industry has declined. With the gradual pendulum of this economic shift, more and more priority is being placed on increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through investments in the manufacturing and service sectors and […]

Programming in Primary Education: Latent Economic Opportunities

programming in school image
The foundation of the education system of Bangladesh was laid first during the period of British rule. Later after its separation as an independent state, Bangladesh adopted an education system that followed its predecessor. The system had three levels – primary, secondary, and higher education. From the outset of the education system in Bangladesh, primary […]

The Current Shape of EV and Hybrid Vehicle Ecosystem in Bangladesh

EV insight image
Electric, Fossil Fuel, and Hybrid Vehicles Electric Vehicles (EV) are vehicles that are totally or partially fueled with electricity. EVs are usually cost-efficient and greener compared to Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles, which run on fossil fuels such as gasoline that heat the internal combustion engine of the vehicle. Hybrid vehicles are a combination of […]

Evolution of Micro Insurance in Bangladesh: Financial Cushion for the Bottom of the Pyramid Population

image microinsurance
Micro-insurance results from the combination of microfinance and insurance to provide security to the low-income community. It is a unique sector due to its size, technicality, and diversity. The intangibility of financial products is brought to the fore in the case of insurance since the investment pattern requires an initial payment and an uncertain pay-out […]

AgroTech in Bangladesh: How Technology is Disrupting Traditional Agriculture Practices- Part II

The second part of the AgroTech series focuses on mechanisation of farming, access to finance for farmers and new techniques of farming. Mechanisation in Agriculture Mechanisation has been one of the key driving factors in agriculture for a very long time. As technology has progressed, mechanisation has become more efficient and beneficial to all stakeholders. […]

Gearing up for an Automobile Future

automobile image 3
LightCastle Partners collaborated with Auto Rebellion to conduct a study on the automotive industry of Bangladesh, with a particular focus on the passenger vehicle segment, which encompasses sedans or private cars, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and microbuses or multi-purpose Vehicles (MPVs). LightCastle conducted a number of interviews with exclusive automobile importer-dealers which covered brands that […]
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