Shrimp – The Black Bengal Tiger

Bangladesh’s shrimp exports, which once contributed $590 mn in FY12, has been on the decline, falling 8.37% to $408 mn in FY181 as the demand for black tiger and freshwater prawns have gone down due Vannamei shrimp (which is not grown in Bangladesh) dominating the world market at a lower price point. This drop in […]

The Passenger Airline Industry Failing to Take Off

Few inventions have changed the world as drastically as the invention of the airplane in 1903. It impacted trade, lifestyles, and communication by making the world a smaller place and providing a faster mode of travel and shipping. In Bangladesh, the industry is booming, having grown 22.1% internationally and 64.7% domestically in the last five […]

The Pharmaceutical Industry: The Next Stage of Development

The pharmaceuticals industry of Bangladesh is one of the most important thrust sectors of Bangladesh, expected to bring billions of dollars worth investments and exports as the country grows. As the country shifts to high-value manufactured products from low-value products like RMG, the future of this industry is under intense scrutiny. This expectation is supported […]

FinTech – Creating New Opportunities for MFIs in Bangladesh

FinTech has strongly emerged in developed markets FinTech, the emerging sector that uses technology to revamp financial services for both businesses and consumers, can have prodigious impact on economic activities. FinTech encompasses products and services within the categories of lending, personal finance, retail and institutional investments, equity financing, consumer banking and many more. Today’s digital […]

Envisioning A Data-driven Agriculture in Bangladesh

Consider Abdullah, an agri-entrepreneur in Northwestern Bangladesh. He wakes up in the morning to find a notification in a dedicated mobile application on his cellphone from his aggregator asking if he could supply 50 kgs of tomato from under his networked famers by next week. Through the push of a few buttons, he pulls up […]

Bangladesh’s Golden Fiber Exports Facing Bottlenecks

The jute industry in Bangladesh has been present since the 1950s, contributing to a major share of the manufacturing sector and employment in the 60s and 70s. In the 1970s, the sector contributed 89.9% of overall exports [2], thus earning the reputation for being the golden fiber of the country. Today there is a weak […]

Bangladesh Leather Industry – From Hazaribagh to Savar

The leather industry has been developing on a large scale since the 1970s and is currently worth around $1.90 bn with 40% of the total demand being met from imports [2]. However, the leather industry has recently been facing a gradual decline in export earnings. In FY18, exports of leather, leather goods, and footwear were […]

DFS in Bangladesh: Beyond Coffee Shops and Consumer Purchase

Munad, a PayPal engineer and a non-residential Bangladeshi, has come to visit Bangladesh after a long time and is in constant awe of the amount of transformation the country has gone through in the last decade. From technology integration to developed infrastructure, he was hard-pressed to find similarities between the Bangladesh he had lived in […]

Skills Gap in the IT Sector: Utilizing the Power of Youth

Economic growth is transforming Bangladesh, building its pathway to becoming a middle-income economy. Bangladesh is a fast growing economy, with a GDP growth of over 7 percent in fiscal year 2018 keeping up an impressive annual average growth rate of more than 6 percent over the last ten years. Bangladesh has multiple factors that favor […]

Impact Investing: Bringing Greater Purpose to Businesses

The world is undergoing a fundamental shift in the way it views businesses as consumers are growing ever more aware of the impacts businesses have on their environment and in their society. Climate change, poverty, inequality, prosperity, peace, access to basic utilities, work and education among many other issues has pushed the UN’s formation of […]

Can Bangladesh Spur Growth Through IoT?

The Internet of Things, or IoT, is the next big technological revolution hitting the world connecting everyday items like coffee machines and door locks through sensors and actuators to a computer system through the use of the Internet. And in doing so, people are able to integrate the power of computing into their everyday lives. […]

Betting on Entrepreneurship to Transform Bangladesh

Bangladesh has positioned itself as a leading frontier market with a population of 168 million (BBS) – 8th largest in the world and 5th in terms of density. And on top of that 50% of the population is below the age of 35 with 500 thousand fresh graduates entering the market each year (Bangladesh IT/ITeS […]

Democratizing Education through Technology

Historically education transformed from being siloed to unified Education evolved through various phases throughout human civilization. During ancient times, due to the lack of a transferable medium, all the knowledge in the world was stored in peoples’ minds and the only mode of access to that knowledge was through interaction. One of the greatest inventions […]

Impact Investing in Sustainable Business: Next Step for Growth in Bangladesh?

From an allegedly portrayed “bottomless basket-case” to entering the lower-rungs of middle income economy by World Bank, Bangladesh is often showcased as a success story of development. With sustained 6 percent+ GDP growth rate over a decade, strong infrastructure projects in both power and communication, technology adaptable demographic bulge, density dividend, credit line facilities from […]
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