Mapping SME Clusters in Dhaka District

Despite the unprecedented COVID-19 shock, Bangladesh is moving forward with a 5.2% GDP growth in FY19-20 while SMEs contribute 25% to the GDP. As Bangladesh speeds its way towards the status of a middle-income country, it must strengthen this crucial sector in the economy. An effective way to accomplish this task is to adopt a […]

Mass Exodus of Migrant Labor: Mitigation and Reintegration

Employment Generation and the welfare of Labor in Bangladesh is a crucial aspect of its sustainable growth plans. Most employment in Bangladesh is generated by the Agriculture Sector. It contributed 41.1% of the total employment, with Manufacturing and Service Sectors contributing 20.8% and 38% respectively in 2016. An estimated 85% of total employment in Bangladesh […]

India-Bangladesh Transit: Can Bangladesh get more benefits from it?

The transit agreement between India and Bangladesh, which started back in 2010, has now spanned to cover four routes of transport: rail, road, inland waterway, and sea route. Experts believe the agreements will allow Bangladesh to increase trade with its neighbours, earn huge amounts of revenue, and enhance connectivity. However, in reality, Bangladesh has still […]

Female Unemployment in Bangladesh: Are we on the Right Track?

Bangladesh has enjoyed rapid economic growth in the past few years reaching 8.153% GDP growth in 2019. As the economy has grown at a constant rate over the past few years, the unemployment rates have also remained somewhat constant. As of 2019, the national unemployment stands at 4.2%. Although the unemployment rates look relatively stable, […]

Agent Banking: Spearheading financial inclusion in Bangladesh

Agent Banking has been a catalyst in financial inclusion in Bangladesh. According to a report by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, participation in financial services in the country has increased to reach an all-time high of 47 percent in 2018 as a result of a 5 percentage-point surge (20% to 25%) in registered bank […]

Bangladesh Cement Industry: Optimistic despite challenges

Bangladesh’s cement industry has experienced some of the fastest growth in recent years: the industry experienced an approximately 11.5% growth rate over the last decade. Backed by the country’s economic development, rapid urbanization, government infrastructure projects, and real estate sector growth, manufacturers are optimistic about the future prospect of the industry. The quick rebound of […]

FDI Inflow in Bangladesh: Time to Rethink and Redesign Policies

Regardless of the high economic growth of 8.1% prior to the pandemic, Bangladesh  has struggled to attract foreign direct investments (FDI) into the country which can be explained by the low FDI to GDP ratio of 0.5% in 2019. Infrastructural challenges and gap in policy implementation are some of the primary reasons. Naturally, the yearlong […]

RMG Exports on the Recovery: Revived Orders, Rejuvenated Hopes

Bangladesh’s Ready-Made Garments and Apparels, has been a consistently high-performing, export-led sector that has contributed immensely to the economy in terms of economic growth and employment generation. The industry holds a strong foothold internationally, reflected by its holding of 6.8% of the global apparel market as of 2019. Besides this, the sector constitutes an approximate […]

Towards an Equitable Society: Driving Financial Inclusion through DFS

To increase financial inclusion in the country, the importance of digital financial services can not be stressed enough. In recent years, the growing digital consumer class has embraced mobile financial platforms owing to the fast transaction, cost-efficiency and convenience. However, a large portion of the population is still financially excluded. According to Financial Inclusion Insights […]
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