Impact Investing in Sustainable Business: Next Step for Growth in Bangladesh?

From an allegedly portrayed “bottomless basket-case” to entering the lower-rungs of middle income economy by World Bank, Bangladesh is often showcased as a success story of development. With sustained 6 percent+ GDP growth rate over a decade, strong infrastructure projects in both power and communication, technology adaptable demographic bulge, density dividend, credit line facilities from […]

On-shore Manufacturing of Mobile Phone to Bear Rich Dividends

The power of mobile phones in an emerging market like Bangladesh go far beyond bringing value added services and simple connectivity to people. According to GSMA and the World Bank, a 1% increase in mobile penetration can lead to an increase in GDP growth rate of 0.28% and for every new job in the Bangladeshi […]

Local Manufacturing of Smartphones on the Rise

Bangladesh will be one of the emerging economies to keep an eye on in the coming years, given its remarkable track record over the last decade in economic and social progress. What makes the economic growth in Bangladesh even more exciting is the young population the median age is 27 years. Majority of the population […]

Bangladesh in the Post-industrial World

Bangladesh’s economic performance, over the last decade, has garnered praise from the international community. Multilateral development agencies like the World Bank, often pinpoint Bangladesh as an exemplary case for economic development. From being termed a ‘basket case’ – by the then US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, in the early 1970s – to achieving continuously […]

E-commerce Logistics: The Pivotal Element in E-commerce Success

The growth of e-commerce is typically followed by the emergence of logistics service providers (LSP) with the ability to cater to specific delivery needs created by e-commerce. We are living in a time where the application of emerging technologies such as drone transportation, robotic-assisted picking, AI algorithms for automated fulfillment etc. have enabled people to […]

Retail Industry in Bangladesh: A Different Shape up Story

Retail environment in Bangladesh can be segregated into two streams; organized retail and unorganized retail. Although the entire industry has shaped around unorganized retail over the years, organized retail is gradually becoming popular to the new generation convenience seeking consumers. While the local mom and pop shops (In Bengali Mudir Dokan) are still larger contributors […]

Biscuits and Confectioneries Industry of Bangladesh

Whether it’s milk, chocolate, plain, or cream filled, Bangladeshis loves biscuits, and it’s been driving a 15% annual growth rate in the country[1]. A burgeoning middle class in particular, fueled by greater purchasing power, have turned to biscuits as the go to snack demanding both quality and low prices, leading to businesses turning to automation […]

Supply Chain Finance: A Consequence of Developing Capital Markets

In 2018, Bangladesh’s market capitalization to GDP ratio dropped down to 17% from 24% in 2014[2]. Rising interest rates, a growing number of non-performing loans, negative risk premiums, record current account deficits, and banking sector turmoil all seem to point in a direction of a financial sector in distress. However, despite all the negativity, there […]

Battery Industry Moving to Greener Alternatives

The world is undergoing a transformation in the way that it utilizes energy. Concerns for climate change has pushed many corporations to becoming more conscious of their carbon footprint as governments incentivize green technologies in businesses. The issue has brought global leaders together, and committed to tackling climate change formally through the Paris Agreement to […]

Bangladesh’s Blue Economy: The Bay of Absent Policy

In 2012 and 2014, boundary disputes with Myanmar and India were resolved leading to Bangladesh possessing 121,110 sq km of the Bay of Bengal[4], increasing the maritime boundary by 15-20%, a size equal to more than 80% of the country[4]. This includes 200 nautical miles of exclusive economic zones and over 354 nautical miles of […]

Steel Industry: Giving Strength to Construction

With seven mega projects on way to fast track infrastructural development in Bangladesh, the market for steel, like cement, is one filled with both tough challenges due to the US China trade war and prospects given forecasted double digit growth. Large projects, increasing urbanization, living standards, and stronger purchasing power have all driven growth in […]

Cement in Bangladesh: Building a Concrete Future

Bangladesh is on its way to creating a solid concrete foundation for its future through various mega projects aiming to develop the nation’s infrastructure. With more than $3.5bn budgeted in FY19 for the 7 infrastructure mega projects including bridges, rail lines, power plants, and a metro rail [2], the cement market in the country looks […]

Industry Insight: Can ICT Become Bangladesh’s 3rd Engine?

With an age less than 50 years and more than 43% of its population under the age of 25, Bangladesh is a young country in more ways than one, a major competitive advantage considering that more than half of its population of 160 million are in prime working ages (15-54) [3]. Although the RMG sector […]

Digital Financial Services – The Next Step

The current generation in Bangladesh is growing up with smart devices and convenience services as a greater number of businesses seek to bring their products and services to the doorsteps of consumers. In finance, however, businesses are using smartphones and other devices to bring financial services as close as to the palm of our hands. […]
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