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Evolution of Development Assistance to Bangladesh: Part 1 (1970-2000)

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Bangladesh has managed to achieve tremendous progress in terms of economic and social development in the past 5 decades, currently enjoying an annual Gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate of 5.2%. After the independence war in 1971, many economists and development agencies were skeptical about the nation’s long-term viability, and Bangladesh was famously labeled the […]

Vaccine Diplomacy and its Significance in Bangladesh

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Outbreak of COVID-19 in Bangladesh at a Glance Inception of COVID-19 Epidemic On December 31 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), and the source of the outbreak was linked to a wet market in Wuhan city, China. Shortly cases of the virus have been confirmed in numerous […]

How Dependent is Bangladesh on Development Aid?

In 2021, Bangladesh is not only a country that is home to more than 163 million nationals, with 1,265 people living per square kilometer, but it is also a country with an income per capita of $2,227. It is an economy that promises growth and development and possible graduation from its current Least Developed Country Status by […]

Cash Crops of Bangladesh

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Over the last 50 years, as Bangladesh transformed from being an underdeveloped to a developing economy, the country’s dependence on its agricultural industry has declined. With the gradual pendulum of this economic shift, more and more priority is being placed on increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) through investments in the manufacturing and service sectors and […]

Female Unemployment in Bangladesh: Are we on the Right Track?

Bangladesh has enjoyed rapid economic growth in the past few years reaching 8.153% GDP growth in 2019. As the economy has grown at a constant rate over the past few years, the unemployment rates have also remained somewhat constant. As of 2019, the national unemployment stands at 4.2%. Although the unemployment rates look relatively stable, […]

Towards an Equitable Society: Driving Financial Inclusion through DFS

To increase financial inclusion in the country, the importance of digital financial services can not be stressed enough. In recent years, the growing digital consumer class has embraced mobile financial platforms owing to the fast transaction, cost-efficiency and convenience. However, a large portion of the population is still financially excluded. According to Financial Inclusion Insights […]

A Nutritious Bangladesh to Ensure a Sustainable Future

Bangladesh, despite claiming that it has achieved self-sufficiency in food grain production, has not, yet, been able to ensure food security for its citizens. This has been reflected in the Global Food Security Index where Bangladesh ranks 83rd among 113 countries. Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) defines Food Security as the physical and economical accessibility […]

Tourism: A possible new driver for the economy of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is set to graduate from the least developed country (LDC) category by 2024. While this might show the evolution of the Bangladesh economy, the graduation may cause an irreversible decline to the garments industry which might lose $2.7 billion in export earnings every year after graduation. Thus, Bangladesh needs to start looking for new […]
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