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Vaccine Diplomacy and its Significance in Bangladesh

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Outbreak of COVID-19 in Bangladesh at a Glance Inception of COVID-19 Epidemic On December 31 2019, the first case of COVID-19 was reported to the World Health Organization (WHO), and the source of the outbreak was linked to a wet market in Wuhan city, China. Shortly cases of the virus have been confirmed in numerous […]

What’s Next for The Dairy Industry?

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Introduction The dairy sector in Bangladesh has experienced steady growth in the last few decades despite constant challenges. From its humble beginnings as a cottage industry not too long ago, the dairy industry in Bangladesh has evolved with the emergence of multiple home-grown industrial processors. In the context of an economy that is still dependent […]

The Hurdles of Microfinance Institutions in COVID-19: Is There A Way Out?

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought radical changes to most industries of the country, with some reaching unprecedented heights and some struggling to keep operations moving. The microfinance industry of Bangladesh, unfortunately, falls under the second category. Ever since the emergence of NGOs offering microcredits after the liberation of Bangladesh, sustainable economic development and eradication of […]

How Might the Bangladesh Economy React to the Second Lockdown?

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We’re entering another round of Covid induced lockdowns from 14th April, as the country has been witnessing another surge in infection rates. As of today (April 13, 2021), 6,028 individuals have been newly infected with Covid with 69 deaths; an eleven-fold increase in new infection numbers compared to a month back. But the question is, are […]

Mass Exodus of Migrant Labor: Mitigation and Reintegration

Employment Generation and the welfare of Labor in Bangladesh is a crucial aspect of its sustainable growth plans. Most employment in Bangladesh is generated by the Agriculture Sector. It contributed 41.1% of the total employment, with Manufacturing and Service Sectors contributing 20.8% and 38% respectively in 2016. An estimated 85% of total employment in Bangladesh […]

Fading Abroad While Shining At Home: Bangladesh’s Shrimp Sector Looks to the Domestic Market as Exports Decline

Shrimp is one of the most important export items in Bangladesh, accounting for more than 70 percent of its agricultural exports. Its massive contribution to national exports has earned it the nickname, “White Gold.” The majority of this revenue winning item is exported to the European Union (EU) countries, including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. […]

Navigating COVID-19: A Resilient Agriculture Sector to Address the Exposed Frailties

The recent coronavirus-induced shutdowns throughout Bangladesh have caused an estimated loss of BDT 565.36 billion (USD 6.66 billion) between March and May 2020 for the businesses working in agriculture, fisheries, and meat producing sectors. Nation-wide disruptions have resulted in restricted access to agricultural products, markets, and advisory services. Under these circumstances, it is important to […]

Youth Unemployment: Unsalvageable Blow By Covid-19?

As a country amidst a demographic dividend, Bangladesh has to closely monitor the employment opportunities of the youth. The United Nations defines Youth to be the part of the population between the ages 15-24. According to the last census, 19.14% of the Bangladeshi population are the youth while 27.29% of the population are between ages […]

What Order Cancellation Means for the Bangladesh RMG Sector

The global apparel industry has been left reeling from the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic as supply chains have been disrupted, trade has dwindled to near-stagnancy, and sentiments have flared, claiming this may be the fulcrum for a new anti-consumerism culture. In McKinsey & Company’s State of Fashion 2020, it was estimated from a survey […]

Will COVID-19 worsen inequality in Bangladesh?

Like the rest of the world, Bangladesh is facing an economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Lower income groups tend to be more affected by such economic crises than those in the upper income. With growing levels of inequality in the country, the economic crisis due to the pandemic can harm the poor more […]

A Post-Pandemic Bangladesh and The Road to Recovery

With the recent lifting of lockdown in Bangladesh, the question that hangs in the air is a difficult one. Is the social benefit of resuming business activity at full throttle on par with, or greater than the social cost that may arise if the rate of infection cannot be curbed? Though guidelines for mandatory social […]
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