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The Poultry Promise in Visuals

For years, poultry has been dominating local consumption in Bangladesh. The sector is predicted to experience massive expansion in the coming years, as chicken and egg consumption is ever consistent with the nations’ growing population in tandem with their rising income. The report, “Poultry Sector Study Bangladesh” was created under The Embassy of the Kingdom […]

COVID-19 in Bangladesh: A Visual Guide to the Economic Impact

As the global economy is facing the ‘Great lockdown’ recession caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy of Bangladesh too, has been hit hard. With only 15% of the country’s population making more than USD 6 per day, Bangladesh stands in a vulnerable position to tackle the economic impact of COVID-19. This article tries to […]

Structured Poultry Industry Growing in Size

Food is a source of joy for people around the world, but those limited by their resources have to resort to basic staples. This is especially true in developing countries like Bangladesh, where rice and potatoes act as staples. However, these do not satisfy protein requirements which are essential for nutrition and health. The availability […]
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