Our stories have been read by thousands, over the past year. It reflects the hope and curiosity of modern business leaders in every sector with the anticipation of a better 2020. Find out the 10 most read in 2019.

1. What an Indian Recession Could Mean for Bangladesh?

With India’s economy showing signs of slowing down, Bangladesh has an outside chance of overtaking India’s per capita Income by the end of this year.

2. Retail Industry in Bangladesh: A Different Shape up Story

Industry leaders must acknowledge their blind spots, respond to the needs of diverse set of consumers and focus on the modern set of measures that really work.

3. An Update On Special Economic Zones in Bangladesh

The government plans to move away from the EPZ model and enter a new realm, these SEZs are a valuable tool in tackling regional disparities and promoting provincial development via the “spread effect”.

4. The Cow that’s Saving the Beef Industry

Weighing in around 900kg, the American Brahman is the breed ideal for meat production in Bangladesh. It has the unique ability to utilize low quality feed and maintain a higher feed to weight ratio than its counterparts.

5. Motorbike Industry in Bangladesh—The Next Big Frontier?

Powered by numerous ride-sharing apps, the motorbike industry keeps growing exponentially whilst also providing a decent source of income for the unemployed.

6. FinTech – Creating New Opportunities for MFIs in Bangladesh

With the global economy transitioning into a more cashless system, FinTech is an enabler for MFIs to capture rewards of this evolution.

7. Bangladesh: An Unexpected Leader in Green RMG

How can Bangladesh take part in the green revolution? Looking at Bangladesh’s RMG industry is a great place to start.

8. Global Ride-Sharing and Opportunities in Bangladesh

Reaching your destination on time, made easy through ride-sharing services but how does the landscape of Bangladesh fair against this rapidly growing service?

9. Fast Moving Consumer Goods — A Beacon of Economic Stability?

As the population of Bangladesh keeps ever-expanding, can the FMCG companies step up and take the economy forward?

10. Bangladesh Economic Outlook 2019: A resilient economy in need of sound policy

The story of a new Asian tiger looking to break away from the shackles of poor decision making.

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