What an Indian Recession Could Mean for Bangladesh?

Regional economic power in South Asia has primarily been concentrated in India. However, with Bangladesh’s meteoric rise to regional prominence–owing to its booming economy–the economic balance of power in the region is beginning to show the first signs of a paradigm shift. India was the strongest regional economy over the 40 years between 1970 and […]

[Infographic] Setting up Business Operations in Bangladesh

Basic documentation requirements for setting up operations in Bangladesh are not complex to prepare but an understanding of country specific requirements would help investors go through a more efficient process. Broadly speaking, there are five steps to setting a business operation in Bangladesh. The first step is to register the company with the Registrar of […]

[Infographic] Latest Startup Funding and Deals in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s startup ecosystem has picked up rapidly since 2013 – driven by participation from angels; rise of eco-system enablers like co-working space, community events, local and global incubators; and a growing active interest from government/development partners. However, major deals and growth have started happening since the end of 2017. Foreign investors and startups are attracted […]

[Infographic] Sector wise Investments (BIDA)

The Least Developed Country (LDC) status of Bangladesh enables the country to benefit from preferential trade and investment policies sanctioned by European and North American markets. Low cost of labour and lower overhead cost compared to regional peers have enabled the country to operate at a cost advantage; the apparel sector has been the main […]

[Infographic] The Financial Market in Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s formal financial sector can be broadly segmented into two buckets: formal and others. The formal sector can again be subdivided into four categories. Microfinance, Insurance, Banks and NBFIs. As of today, the sector consists of 59 scheduled commercial banks with 3 new banks recently approved by the Bangladesh Bank, taking the tally up to […]

[Infographic] Bangladesh by the Numbers

Bangladesh GDP has been a strong indicator of growth due to its consistent upward trajectory in the last decade or so. Although the country reported numbers remain optimistically higher than those predicted by the World Bank, ADB or IMF, the recurrent census among all institutions reassure that Bangladesh performed consistently higher than its regional peers. […]

[Presentation] Bangladesh CSE IIT Graduate Tracer Study

The information technology and information technology-enabled services (IT/ITES) industries require skilled human resources to unlock their potential. This will provide the foundation for take-off, which, for now, is falling short. As envisioned in Digital Bangladesh, the IT/ITES industries can adopt the latest technologies across different industries and should grow hand in hand with other drivers […]

An Update On Special Economic Zones in Bangladesh

Special Economic Zones (SEZs) play an important role in the quest for economic growth. Their primary objective is attracting foreign direct investment (FDIs), generating employment, implementing economic reforms and experimenting with new policies. The actual number of economic zones in Bangladesh is in contention. However, as per data from Bangladesh Economic Zones Authority (BEZA) ,at […]

S&P and Moody’s Rating for Bangladesh: Forging a Stable Path Forward

Bangladesh’s economic fluorescence in recent years has been the natural outgrowth of a competitive garment sector and a strong inflow of migrant remittances. The former has been the premier driver behind the country’s growing prominence in international trade and has helped to make Bangladesh a growing regional economic powerhouse. Owing to this, Bangladesh is projected […]

The Untapped Potential of the Insurance Industry

Risk is one of its most challenging and constant aspects of the human experience. By providing financial backing in case of unexpected events, insurance attempts to reduce the impact of risk on our health, belongings, and businesses. The insurance industry is not only central to the creation of a stable business environment but also critical […]

Bangladesh Wheat Sector: Struggling with Demand-Supply Mismatch

Agriculture in Bangladesh Driven by stable macroeconomic policies, Bangladesh’s economy continues to be among the fastest-growing economies in the world. Agriculture plays a vital role as the source of livelihood, growth of the economy and providing employment in our country. Bangladesh has made admirable progress in achieving food security over the past decades, despite being […]

Banking Sector: Turbulence in Disguise

Bangladesh is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia-Pacific. The country is aspiring to gain the status of a middle income country very soon and has been making great strides in terms of social, economic and technological transformation. It recorded a commendable GDP growth rate of 7.86% in 2018. All these being said, a […]

The Curious Case of Crab Sub-sector in Bangladesh

Being located at the edge of Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh has a wide and diverse range of sea food options. From Rock Lobsters to Mussels, from Prawns to Pomfrets, the country offers many options that cater to the local palette, while also exporting a huge proportion of its production annually. But among the many produces, […]

Need for Affordable Housing in the Real Estate Industry

The security provided by a shelter goes beyond physical safety. Owning a house, an apartment, or land constitutes a significant portion of the average citizen’s wealth. As property prices rise, the value of their assets rises, giving them the financial security to increase consumer spending. Those who don’t own their residences and instead pay rent […]

Bangladesh Budget: Education, E-Commerce and Capital Markets

Bangladesh’s annual budget is a crucial cornerstone to the pursuit of inclusive economic development. In light of this reality, this year’s budget aims to fully reflect the present challenges the country faces and offer inclusive solutions to these problems, while still remaining growth-friendly. With respect to this, Parliament has passed the budget for the fiscal […]
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